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Inspection and price quote service available.

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If you would like to bring your project in for an inspection and written quote, please call ahead so I may be available to talk with you.


As a more convenient alternative, I can usually provide a close estimate from your digital photos sent by Email. Once I've seen the photos, I can estimate a baseline cost for refinishing or other surface treatment. Ordinarily, when I have seen the photos, I prefer to call and have a discussion about the estimate, as there are details and questions better communicated in a phone call. I may not be able to estimate all aspects of the project, for example, if the furniture needs to be reglued or parts replaced, but usually we can get close enough for you to evaluate if you want to move forward.


If you are not comfortable with sending digital photos by email or would simply prefer to have a phone conversation first, please call our office 785-235-0725


When you attach digital picture files to your email, please reduce them to no larger than 2 MB. Larger files sometimes fail to transmit. Please take one photo that shows the entire piece of furniture. If there are detail photos you want to include, that is okay, but usually 2 or 3 photos per piece will be adequate.


Lastly, please be sure to include your contact information with a telephone number.


I try to respond to emails on the same day or within 2 business days.

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With over 35 years of experience, Macfee Refinishing is proud of our reputation serving the Topeka, KS area, and all of NE Kansas including Lawrence And Kansas City!

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