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Dependable furniture upholstery services

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Macfee Refinishing has providing exceptional refinishing services to thousands in the NE Kansas area.

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Custom Upholstery Services

Many of the furniture projects our customers bring to us will also need upholstery services.  Macfee Refinishing is your one-stop quality source for upholstery craftsmanship.  We have a wide assortment of beautiful upholstery fabric and leather samples for you to choose from in our showroom or you may provide your own material for the project.


As with our main services in wood repair and restoration, quality upholstery workmanship is extremely important.  It is also important for all services to be coordinated as to how the work is to proceed.


Our source for upholstery craftsmanship is in very high demand. Therefore, we must limit the scope of projects we take on to projects that need upholstery in addition to our main services in wood repair and/or restoration.  For that reason, we do not take on general upholstery-only services for furniture or autos.


If you have a project in need of upholstery, in addition to our main services, please send us a few photos of your project first and I can provide an upholstery labor and yardage estimate.

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