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A good quality piece of furniture does not need to be an antique or an heirloom in order to be worth preserving. It is true, in general, that older furniture (prior to 1990) is better quality in terms of construction and materials than new furniture sold in the last 20 years.


With 35 years of experience working on furniture, we know good quality furniture! You can trust us to help you identify the quality of your furniture and how well it will work for where you intend to use it. Whether you are needing to repair a chair that wobbles or completely reglue and refinish a whole set of chairs- we provide the advice and service options that are best for your project and your objectives.


127 NW Van Buren St

Topeka, KS 66603


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Since 1980 we have provided antique repair and refinishing service, along with many other related services, to thousands of customers in NE Kansas.


Our specialty is repair and refinishing of older furniture that is, in many cases, an antique family heirloom. Many of these projects are in extreme disrepair, requiring a high level of skill in woodworking, as well as wood finishing, to return them to their former glory. Wood veneers will often need repair or replacement. We routinely fabricate new parts- everything from turning new chair parts to fabricating new wood furniture tops and dining room table leaves.