Furniture Stripping

Chest of Drawers, Depression Era

Solid wood and Veneers: Strip Existing Paint

We are frequently asked

“What is the best way to strip furniture?”

The best way to strip furniture is to hire us to do it for you.   It is understandable to think you can save money doing it yourself, but unless you have experience and enjoy the task of chemical stripping, there is no incentive in doing it yourself. Consider the cost of chemicals and special gloves, scrapers, brushes, etc. Consider even more carefully the safety risks associated with using most chemical paint removers.

So called “safe stripping” chemicals tend to be not as effective, or take much longer to work, while costing more to purchase.  

We have specialized equipment and decades of experience working with chemical paint removers. This enables us to be greatly more efficient in using the chemicals toward achieving better results than you can on your own. Our systems and experience will get the work done right. Using the best strongest paint remover chemical you can find on the shelf will not give you that assurance.    

Of all the tasks involved in refinishing, stripping the wood is the least predictable and most problematic for the D-I-Y refinisher. When the stripping is successful, all the remaining tasks are far more predictable.  When you use our Stripping Service, you will have a much better chance at a happy result. You also gain from our experience in recognizing various wood types and foreseeing possible difficulties with the project you perhaps have not considered.

If you are a motivated D-I-Y person with time to spare and excited to undertake a refinishing project, we want to help you succeed! Let Macfee Refinishing do the nasty work for you and save your motivation and energy for the staining and finishing.

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