Furniture Refinishing

Restoration of the House of Representatives Dais in the Kansas Statehouse.

Family Heirloom Rocker: Repaired & Refinished

Original decorative painted element preserved.

The plan we recommend to refinish your furniture will vary according to many factors. Our process begins with a conversation with you and proceeds to an understanding of what you want, what the furniture needs and what we recommend as solutions. Following that and before any work proceeds, we provide a written quote detailing work to be done and what our charges will be.

Refinishing is a general description of a project where the existing finish or paint is removed and replaced with a new finish.  Refinishing is appropriate for many of the projects we undertake when the original finish is already removed, painted over, or in such poor condition that other means of improving the existing finish are not feasible.

To remove paint or old finish, we use various chemical processes that we know from experience will be the safest and most effective means to remove paint or finish without damaging the wood.

With over 35 years of hands-on project experience, you can rely on us to provide a wide range of skilled workmanship and professional service. Your furniture will be in the care of an owner and staff who have honed their skills for many years. We love doing this work, so we are always seeking to raise the bar higher and improve our efficiency.

An assessment of repair condition is essential before the refinishing takes place. Different situations call for different methods or materials to be used. Quality work involves the use of a broad range of professional coloring and finishing materials that you would not find in a local paint store.

Furniture Restoration

Dentist Cabinet 1903: Repair and Refinishing

Several complex missing parts were fabricated.

Perhaps you have a piece of furniture that has an existing finish that you would like to improve in some way but not necessarily refinish.  In addition to refinishing, we often provide service solutions to improve, preserve or restore.

What it means to restore a finish and the processes used are subject to wide interpretation.  As most professionals use the term “restore”- It would be defined as various processes that improve or preserve the existing finish on the piece of furniture.

When we consider this type of project our recommendations will vary according to many factors.  If you think your project might be in this category, we just need to talk about it.

Furniture Repair

Painted Hoosier type Kitchen Cabinet 1910:

Repaired and Refinished

Repairing furniture correctly to restore its structural integrity is the first priority.  We assume you plan to use your furniture.  A beautifully restored chair is useless if the joints will not stay tight. Overlooking or short-cutting in wood repair work is not an option and risks any amount of money spent to improve the appearance.

We can repair wood parts and reglue entire structures. We can fabricate new parts as needed. Broken chair parts can be repaired or made new. Damage to wood veneer can often be patched and glued down where loose, or we can reveneer or build new veneer surfaces when needed.

Whether the job is rebuilding your family heirloom rocker or just regluing the kitchen chair:  When it comes to wood repairs, restoring or refinishing- Trust your furniture to Macfee Refinishing.

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