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Restore the beauty of your furniture in less time with our Spot Touchup service

Our Spot Touchup Service is ideal for resolving a wide range of damage to your furniture.   It is most appropriate when the existing finish on the furniture is fundamentally good- but it has sustained spot damage from an accident or has an overall accumulation of scratches and dents.

Because we offer both Refinishing and Spot Touchup Services, we are able to recommend the best solution and value in your particular case.  For example, if we determine the finish on a piece is brittle and beginning to peel or it has faded from sunlight exposure, we inform you this may not be an ideal situation for touching up and your money is better spent toward refinishing.  The piece may be improved with touchup measures and you may initially be satisfied, but when the fundamental condition of the finish is poor, the work may not be long lasting or the appearance could fall short of your expectations.

That said, we see many types of damage and situations that are perfectly suited to our Spot Touchup Services and will give you complete satisfaction while avoiding the greater cost of complete refinishing.  I strongly prefer doing spot touchup work in my shop, but in certain circumstances, I am willing to consider doing this type of work on location.

As with all our services, I will need to see the piece(s) to provide a written quote, but I may be able to estimate the cost if you send me an email with photos.  

We can’t train your dog not to eat your dining room chairs, but our Spot Touchup Service can help you forget it ever happened.

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